Tokyo Babylon Wicked Vodka Cranberry

Photo of a red drink with what looks like a fake eyeball in it, with an image of Tokyo Babylon behind it. Overlay text displays the drink name and ingredients.

We had to go dark at some point, and Robin was testing out some techniques for Halloween, so this take on a Vodka Cranberry incorporates that iconic missing eye that Clamp is so well known for (in certain circles, anyway). It was hard to capture in the drink, but that’s an “eyeball” at the bottom of the glass, made out of a lychee and a grape.


  • Black cherry Vodka
  • Cranberry juice
  • Lychees
  • Concord grapes (frozen)
  • Seltzer



  1. Freeze lychees and grapes
  2. Once frozen, you can shove the grape into the lychee without it falling apart. Boom, done!


  1. Put the eyeball in the glass.
  2. Cover with black cherry vodka (about a shot’s worth).
  3. Fill ¾ full with cranberry juice, and the rest with seltzer.
  4. Enjoy with your favorite villians.

Tokyo Babylon Cherry Sake Splash

Photo of a pink drink in a champagne flute, with comic markers in the background. Overlay text reads: Cherry Sake Splash | Tokyo Babylon| Nigori Sake + 7-Up + Black Cherry Vodka + Maraschino Cherries

Finally, the first of our Tokyo Babylon drinks! This one’s for our favorite twins. We wanted to go for a light, fizzy drink that really spoke to their innocence and high energy. Cherry vodka was just too perfect to turn down, and this drink is designed to be light and gentle…just like the early part of the series. But don’t get too comfortable, the darkness is coming.


  • nigori sake
  • z-up
  • black cherry vodka
  • maraschino cherry


  1. Split cherry in half, put in glass.
  2. Add vodka until cherry is covered.
  3. Fill glass halfway with sake.
  4. Fill remainder with Z-up.