Episode 51: Rayearth vol. 6 – The New Pillar

An illustration of Fuu, by CLAMP, with episode title text and the CLAMPcast logo overlayed.

Robin and Lucy make it to the final volume of Rayearth! All the forces come together to find out who is capable of being the new pillar…but can they find a solution that won’t just lead to another tragedy?


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Episode 47: Our Two-Year Anniversary

Image of Mokona, a white rabbit-like creature, swinging on a swing made of flowers. Overlayed are the podcast logo and the episode title.

No series discussion this week, but Lucy and Robin talk about recent CLAMP news (including the cancelation of the Tokyo Babylon anime), and how the podcast has changed over the last two years.

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Episode 45: Rayearth vol. 2 – The Spring

An illustration of the Rayearth girls in their armor, with the episode title and the CLAMPcast logo overlayed.

Lucy and Robin discuss the second volume of Magic Knight Rayearth, as the girls continue their search for the legendary spring Eterna…and meet some new friends along the way.


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Episode 43: Miyuki-chan in Wonderland — Neverending

Lucy and Robin dive headfirst into the wild, sexy, nonsensical world of Miyuki-chan in Wonderland.

CW: sexual content; assault. It’s a light touch (there’s not much content in Miyuki-chan), but if you find that distressing, maybe give this episode a pass.

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Episode 42: X Wrap-Up — So Many Endings

Title overlayed with the CLAMPcast logo. Image behind is of Kamui and Fuuma, with the sacred sword.

Lucy and Robin record their final X episode…at least for now.

CW: child abuse, self-harm, blood, gore, death, assault, and other grisly things. Also a potentially glib/dark humor approach to grim subjects. If it came up before…it probably comes up again here.


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Episode 40: X – The Anime (w/ Guest Alan)

Lucy and Robin are joined again by Alan to discuss the X anime.

You can (and definitely should) check out Alan’s webcomic, Full Spectrum Therapy, and also follow him on twitter. You can also follow our buddies CJ Joughin and Caitlin Like, who joined us for marathoning the anime, and gave us some great opinions and talking points.

CW: child abuse, self-harm, blood, gore, death, assault, and other grisly things. Also a potentially glib/dark humor approach to grim subjects. We joke about death a lot (it’s one of those laugh-so-you-don’t-cry things).


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