RG Veda

An illustration by CLAMP of the main six characters in their series RG Veda.

CLAMP’s debut series, RG Veda, is a dark and sometimes messy epic fantasy on a mythological scale. It’s got everything you want in a good legend: blood, gore, cannibalism, and dubious relationships, not to mention some fun twists and turns.

This is also CLAMPcast’s debut, so our summary gets a little long, and we ramble a bit more now than we (hopefully) ever will again. But this series is an important starting place for understanding CLAMP and the legacy they’ve created…and not a bad series in its own right.


1: A Meandering Summary
Audio | Transcript

2: A Discussion
Audio | Transcript

3: OVA – A Quick Diversion
Audio | Transcript


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Image by CLAMP.