Episode 16: Legend of Chun Hyang – The Epic That Might Have Been

If you loved RG Veda, you’ll probably love Chun Hyang…and be as sad as we were that there was only one volume. Join Lucy and Robin as they take a look into the epic CLAMP fantasy that never really got off the ground.

CW: some gore, death, assault, and violence.


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Episode 15: CLAMP School Detectives Anime – Elementary, My Dears

Is it healthy to watch 26 episodes of CLAMP Campus Detectives all in one sitting? Probably not, but Lucy and Robin took one for the team…and dragged some friends along for the ride. Join them this week as they discuss the CLAMP Campus Detectives anime!


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Episode 14: CLAMP School Detectives – Tea for Three

It’s another day on the CLAMP campus, with a whole array of damsels in need of some dashing detectives. Lucy and Robin discuss Clamp School Detectives volumes 2 and 3!


CW: discussion of Nazi imagery and Imperial Japanese Army imagery.

Here’s a link to the fabulous Chibi Yuuto’s Youtube page.

And here’s that article on burnout from Anime Feminist.


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Tokyo Babylon Wicked Vodka Cranberry

Photo of a red drink with what looks like a fake eyeball in it, with an image of Tokyo Babylon behind it. Overlay text displays the drink name and ingredients.

We had to go dark at some point, and Robin was testing out some techniques for Halloween, so this take on a Vodka Cranberry incorporates that iconic missing eye that Clamp is so well known for (in certain circles, anyway). It was hard to capture in the drink, but that’s an “eyeball” at the bottom of the glass, made out of a lychee and a grape.


  • Black cherry Vodka
  • Cranberry juice
  • Lychees
  • Concord grapes (frozen)
  • Seltzer



  1. Freeze lychees and grapes
  2. Once frozen, you can shove the grape into the lychee without it falling apart. Boom, done!


  1. Put the eyeball in the glass.
  2. Cover with black cherry vodka (about a shot’s worth).
  3. Fill ¾ full with cranberry juice, and the rest with seltzer.
  4. Enjoy with your favorite villians.

Episode 13: CLAMP School Detectives – Chivalry & Splendor

With a school this spectacular, any unhappiness is a horrible crime, and the CLAMP School Detectives are here to save the day! Lucy and Robin dig into the charming series that brought so many CLAMP stories together (long before Tsubasa).


Here’s a link to the CLAMP no Kiseki interview we cited a few times in the episode, provided by the wonderful Chibi Yuuto.

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Episode 12: Duklyon CLAMP School Defenders – Fight On!

Get ready for one of CLAMP’s most exciting, most heroic, most high-energy teams: Duklyon! Lucy and Robin take a look at one of Clamp’s lesser-known series, in this delightful sentai send-up.


Here’s a link to the CLAMP no Kiseki interview we cited a few times in the episode, provided by the wonderful Chibi Yuuto.

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Tokyo Babylon Blood & Sakura “Jello” Delight

An image of dark red jello-light dessert with a light cherry blossom shape in it. Overlay text reads: Blood & Sakura Delight | Tokyo Babylon | Agar + Sweetened Condensed Milk + Milk + Dark Cherry Juice

We weren’t content with just drinks for our beloved Tokyo Babylon! Robin loves playing around with agar as a jello alternative (it sets up better and comes in a different range of flavors, plus it’s vegan!), and when she realized she could make white agar, and have it slowly turn pink in red agar…well, we couldn’t resist!

You can also easily swap this with jello, just follow package instructions!


  • 1 package plain agar (or jello)
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Plain milk
  • Dark cherry juice


White layer:

  1. Use half the agar, mix sweetened condensed milk with plain milk to reach liquid amount called for by agar’s package.
  2. Pour into a low, flat pan to set.
  3. Cut into the shape of cherry blossoms (we used a cookie cutter…because of course Robin has a cherry blossom cookie cutter).

Dark Layer:

  1. Use the other half of the agar, and mix with dark cherry juice (replace all liquid in package’s instructions).
  2. Pour into molds (we used glasses)
  3. After about a half an hour, poke white flower petals into the red liquid. They’ll slowly turn pink!
  4. Let set, and enjoy!

Tokyo Babylon Cherry Sake Splash

Photo of a pink drink in a champagne flute, with comic markers in the background. Overlay text reads: Cherry Sake Splash | Tokyo Babylon| Nigori Sake + 7-Up + Black Cherry Vodka + Maraschino Cherries

Finally, the first of our Tokyo Babylon drinks! This one’s for our favorite twins. We wanted to go for a light, fizzy drink that really spoke to their innocence and high energy. Cherry vodka was just too perfect to turn down, and this drink is designed to be light and gentle…just like the early part of the series. But don’t get too comfortable, the darkness is coming.


  • nigori sake
  • z-up
  • black cherry vodka
  • maraschino cherry


  1. Split cherry in half, put in glass.
  2. Add vodka until cherry is covered.
  3. Fill glass halfway with sake.
  4. Fill remainder with Z-up.

Reading List for Fall 2019

A graphic with the CLAMPcast logo, and text that reads: CLAMPcast in Wonderland | Reading List | Oct 2019: Duklyon CLAMP School Defenders, CLAMP School Detectives | Nov 2019: The Legend of Chun Hyang | Dec 2019: Shirahime Syo | Jan 2020: X

We’re entering an era were CLAMP released a lot of short works in quick succession, so we wanted to give you folks a list of the upcoming series we’ll be covering. We’ve taken a few liberties, and dates are subject to change depending on how recording goes, but this should give you a basic idea of the next few months!

Initially we thought Duklyon came after CLAMP Campus Detectives, but according to CLAMP’s website, it was released in 1991 instead of 1992 (the rest of these series began in 1992). So we’ve bumped it to the top of the list, but it should only take one episode.

We’ve also purposely moved X to the bottom of the list, even though it came out in May of 1992 (before Shirahime or Chun Hyang), because it’s going to take a long time to get through all of it, and we want to knock out some short stuff first. We also really like the idea of doing it at the beginning of the new year.

Thanks for sticking with us this far!

Oct 2019
Duklyon CLAMP School Defenders
CLAMP School Detectives

Nov 2019
The Legend of Chun Hyang

Dec 2019
Shirahime Syo

Jan 2020

Episode 11: Tokyo Babylon Extras – Déjà vu

Lucy and Robin bid a fond farewell to Tokyo Babylon (for now), as they dive into the OVA, movie, drama cd, and more.

CW: we will lightly discuss themes of suicide, violence, sexual violence, rape, death, animal abuse, and other unpleasantness.


Here’s a link to the CLAMP no Kiseki interview we cited a few times in the episode, provided by the wonderful Chibi Yuuto.

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