Transcripts (slowly) Coming

This summer, one of my goals is to catch up on the transcripts of our episodes. This means there may be sporadic posts that look like repeats. So, if you rely on email notifications for blog posts, just be aware that there could be some extra traffic over the next few months.

Of course, this will all be worth it when our episodes are more accessible and reference-able! Plus, it is a fun excuse for me to listen to our older episodes.

Speaking of which: I am not doing these exactly in order. I’m starting with our X episodes because, although the first two volumes are a little more free-form, once we hit Covid we started having really detailed scripts because we were no longer recording in the same room, staring each down across a shared microphone. This means the episodes from X onward should go much faster than the earlier episodes.

This does not mean I will not be transcripting the first 18 episodes, but those probably will not happen until I’m mostly caught up with the others. I’m hoping to learn some tricks on the easier episodes, so those early episodes won’t take quite as long. I think it’s ultimately better to have any episodes transcribed, than to be forever paralyzed and overwhelmed by those early episodes. Rest assured, we will get to them!

As always, thanks for hanging in there as we figure things out! This is very much a learning process, and while I did some research into transcription, I mainly had to just start to get past that paralysis mentioned above. Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated; I want these transcripts to be as entertaining and helpful as possible!


Transcript | Episode 19: X vol. 1

At long last, our heroes make it to one of their favorite CLAMP series: X! They’ll laugh, they’ll cry…well, mostly they’ll reminisce about high school and talk about the end of the world. Join Lucy and Robin this week as they begin their X discussion with volume 1.

CW: blood, gore, death, and other grisly things. Also a potentially glib/dark humor approach to grim subjects.


Here’s the interview we mention in the episode, made available on Chibi Yuuto’s wonderful website!

Here’s a link to the podcast Headlong: Surviving Y2K on Spotify, which Robin recommends if you want to know more about panic in the leadup to the millennium.

And finally, follow Robin’s twitter account to cheer her on as she finished the last pages of her graphic novel! (You can also follow Lucy for occasional rambling about pop culture and being back in school)

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This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity and readability, which basically just means I cut out some “ums” and some of the many, many, many times we say “yeah” while the other person is talking. I tried to keep the flavor and personality of the episode intact, without making it too annoying to read. Hope you enjoy it!


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