Transcripts (slowly) Coming

This summer, one of my goals is to catch up on the transcripts of our episodes. This means there may be sporadic posts that look like repeats. So, if you rely on email notifications for blog posts, just be aware that there could be some extra traffic over the next few months.

Of course, this will all be worth it when our episodes are more accessible and reference-able! Plus, it is a fun excuse for me to listen to our older episodes.

Speaking of which: I am not doing these exactly in order. I’m starting with our X episodes because, although the first two volumes are a little more free-form, once we hit Covid we started having really detailed scripts because we were no longer recording in the same room, staring each down across a shared microphone. This means the episodes from X onward should go much faster than the earlier episodes.

This does not mean I will not be transcripting the first 18 episodes, but those probably will not happen until I’m mostly caught up with the others. I’m hoping to learn some tricks on the easier episodes, so those early episodes won’t take quite as long. I think it’s ultimately better to have any episodes transcribed, than to be forever paralyzed and overwhelmed by those early episodes. Rest assured, we will get to them!

As always, thanks for hanging in there as we figure things out! This is very much a learning process, and while I did some research into transcription, I mainly had to just start to get past that paralysis mentioned above. Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated; I want these transcripts to be as entertaining and helpful as possible!


Catch Us on Shojo & Tell!

This summer, we were privileged to be able to guest on one of our favorite podcasts, Shojo & Tell! Join us and Ashley as we discuss Paradise Kiss.

Although obviously not by CLAMP, Paradise Kiss was especially meaningful to a young Lucy and Robin, as we headed toward art school, cosplay, jobs in the clothing industry, and artsy adulthoods.

Listen to the episode online here, or hey, look for Shojo & Tell in your app of choice, and add it to your podcast rotation! Ashley and her guests cover a ton of awesome series—you won’t be sorry!

Reading List – The Year of X

We’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but after running a poll on Twitter, we’ve decided to push through to the end of X instead of pausing for Rayearth (and other series released during its early run). We’re too far in to turn back now, and X feels like a good series for the very dark and very depressing year that is 2020. We’ll save the lighter stuff for 2021, when either things will be better, or we’ll be in even more need of a light pick-me-up.

Nothing is set in stone, but here’s a quick road-map for the year ahead!

X volumes 9 and 10

X volumes 11 and 12

X volumes 13 and 14

X volumes 15 and 16

X volumes 17 and 18

X anime, etc.

Reading List for Fall 2019

A graphic with the CLAMPcast logo, and text that reads: CLAMPcast in Wonderland | Reading List | Oct 2019: Duklyon CLAMP School Defenders, CLAMP School Detectives | Nov 2019: The Legend of Chun Hyang | Dec 2019: Shirahime Syo | Jan 2020: X

We’re entering an era were CLAMP released a lot of short works in quick succession, so we wanted to give you folks a list of the upcoming series we’ll be covering. We’ve taken a few liberties, and dates are subject to change depending on how recording goes, but this should give you a basic idea of the next few months!

Initially we thought Duklyon came after CLAMP Campus Detectives, but according to CLAMP’s website, it was released in 1991 instead of 1992 (the rest of these series began in 1992). So we’ve bumped it to the top of the list, but it should only take one episode.

We’ve also purposely moved X to the bottom of the list, even though it came out in May of 1992 (before Shirahime or Chun Hyang), because it’s going to take a long time to get through all of it, and we want to knock out some short stuff first. We also really like the idea of doing it at the beginning of the new year.

Thanks for sticking with us this far!

Oct 2019
Duklyon CLAMP School Defenders
CLAMP School Detectives

Nov 2019
The Legend of Chun Hyang

Dec 2019
Shirahime Syo

Jan 2020

No Episode…

We’re skipping this week, since Robin’s at Biggest Little Fur Con in Reno, and she and Will had way too much con-prep to finish editing episode 3. However, we’ll be back with our usually scheduled episode next week! And in the meantime, we wanted to take a minute and enthuse about this journey we’re on.

Already, this has been such an amazing experience! We’ve recorded…about seven episodes so far? So right now, Robin and I are reading our way through Tokyo Babylon. It’s Robin’s baby, but it’s my first time reading it beyond the first volume or so. And folks…I was not emotionally prepared for these later volumes! But more on that in the podcast.

So many bookmarks…

Even with so few episodes, I can already really see how much we’ve learned in such a short time. Our first season, we recorded three episodes in a row; both of the RG Veda manga episodes, plus our intro episode. It was a lot. We record in Robin’s office, and I arrived at her place around 11:30am…and left around 11:30pm. On a Sunday, of all days, with work at 8am the next morning. So yeah, if I seem a little loopy by the end of episode 2…that’s why.

We, uh, don’t do that anymore.

Since RG Veda, we’ve started breaking series up into chunks. To be clear, this was always the plan, and we did consciously decide not to do that with RG Veda, because it’s such an epic. It’s hard to talk about the beginning of it without being able to talk about the end. And most importantly, we needed to start somewhere. Would we do it that way again? Possibly. Will we handle any of the other long series like that? God, I hope not.

It was easy to tackle both volumes of Man of Many Faces in one episode (look forward to that next month!), but with Tokyo Babylon we’ve been enjoying taking a step back and discussing a couple volumes at a time. It also helps that TB is fairly episodic in nature, so the discussion can be easily contained.

Jury is still out on how we’ll handle more epic series like X (or the chaos that is going to be Tsubasa and xXxHolic), but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

So, what’s coming up for the pod? If you’re reading along, you can start tracking down Man of Many Faces. Once we finish the RG Veda OVA episode, that will be our next series. And after that, it’s Tokyo Babylon time! Both should be pretty easy to find through wherever you buy books (I recommend a local used bookstore, like Powell’s here in Portland, but I’ve definitely had to take to Amazon or even eBay for some of these).

Speaking of which, if anyone knows where I can find Duklyon volume 2 for less than $30, hit me up. I really don’t want to pay more than $10…

Anyway, we hope you’ve been enjoying the podcast so far! You deserve a medal for surviving the RG Veda summary episode (I think we all do), but it should be much smoother sailing from here.

Remember, everything will be alright! (And try not to lose an eye)