RG Veda Rose Milkshake

A small clear drinking glass filled with a pink milkshake. Behind it, many CLAMP comics are visible, just out of focus. Overlay text lists the drink's name and basic ingredients.

When we started this podcast, we realized pretty quickly that we weren’t content just recording our thoughts on each series⁠—we wanted to get in the mood by making ourselves themed drinks each time we recorded. And we figured, why not share them with all of you?

For RG Veda, Robin wanted to capture a bit of it’s Hindu inspirations with a flavor popular in India: rose water. It can be especially lovely in sweets, so we chose a milkshake, making this a great treat for a summer day, even if you’re not reading all of RG Veda in one sitting.


  • 1 part ice cream
  • 1 part milk
  • rose syrup to taste & pinkness


  1. Combine your milk and ice cream, and slowly blend.
  2. Add rose syrup to the milkshake and blend to incorporate. Taste, and add more as needed!
  3. Enjoy!