Transcript | Episode 0: An Introduction

Join Lucy and Robin as they embark on their epic reread/rewatch of all things CLAMP. In this inaugural episode, we talk about how our nerdy origin stories led to our nerdy careers, our favorite CLAMP titles, and most importantly, this crazy journey we’re undertaking.

We’ll be your guides through CLAMP’s Wonderland!

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An illustration depicting the two hosts of CLAMPcast in Wonderland, with a mic between them, and a Mokona on each side.

Robin: CLAMP, the four-woman mangaka supergroup, originated in 1987. Coincidentally, that was about the time both of us originated. It is less of a coincidence that the two of us have been friends as long as we’ve been CLAMP fans, since that had a little something to do with how we met. Is it destiny? Is it hitsuzen? Or is it just a sentimental origin story for a podcast?

Lucy: Hi, we’re Lucy Softich-

R: and Robin Kaplan—

L: —and we’re here to be your guides through CLAMP’s Wonderland.

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