I found recently the notes where I’d kept track of the song lyrics that appear in the Duklyon manga. Not sure if anyone needs or wants them…but here they are!

If you hang it by the window,

I won’t sleep tonight.

 Don’t weep…nothing will go wrong.

 The glass moon…the marble stars…

…This magic secret of ours.

The city is bathed in a beam of light and twilight.

 The sinners spell it out…the illusion of a fine love…

 We two will protect the safety of earth…

 A battle as beautiful as ballet…

Episode 12: Duklyon CLAMP School Defenders – Fight On!

Get ready for one of CLAMP’s most exciting, most heroic, most high-energy teams: Duklyon! Lucy and Robin take a look at one of Clamp’s lesser-known series, in this delightful sentai send-up.


Here’s a link to the CLAMP no Kiseki interview we cited a few times in the episode, provided by the wonderful Chibi Yuuto.

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