Episode 15: CLAMP School Detectives Anime – Elementary, My Dears

Is it healthy to watch 26 episodes of CLAMP Campus Detectives all in one sitting? Probably not, but Lucy and Robin took one for the team…and dragged some friends along for the ride. Join them this week as they discuss the CLAMP Campus Detectives anime!


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Episode 14: CLAMP School Detectives – Tea for Three

It’s another day on the CLAMP campus, with a whole array of damsels in need of some dashing detectives. Lucy and Robin discuss Clamp School Detectives volumes 2 and 3!


CW: discussion of Nazi imagery and Imperial Japanese Army imagery.

Here’s a link to the fabulous Chibi Yuuto’s Youtube page.

And here’s that article on burnout from Anime Feminist.


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Episode 13: CLAMP School Detectives – Chivalry & Splendor

With a school this spectacular, any unhappiness is a horrible crime, and the CLAMP School Detectives are here to save the day! Lucy and Robin dig into the charming series that brought so many CLAMP stories together (long before Tsubasa).


Here’s a link to the CLAMP no Kiseki interview we cited a few times in the episode, provided by the wonderful Chibi Yuuto.

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Man of Many Faces Raspberry Ginger Rendezvous

A photo of a yellow-ish drink in a champagne flute, with raspberries floating at the top. A backyard is visible out the window behind it, and overlay text lists the name of the drink, the series it's inspired by, and the main ingredients.

For Man of Many Faces, we wanted something light and fun. I took inspiration from the lavish lifestyles of the characters—I wanted something that looked like a fancy cocktail, or the finest champagne. But, since our characters are all in elementary school, I also wanted something nonalcoholic.

I went with a ginger ale base, since it has a similar color and texture to champagne, and combined it with limeade for a more complex flavor. I floated a few raspberries on top, for an elegant twist that definitely makes it worthy of a Friday night date.


  • 1 part Ginger ale
  • 1 part limeade
  • 2 raspberries


  1. Fill your glass half-full with ginger ale.
  2. Fill the rest of the way with the limeade.
  3. Add raspberries, and enjoy!

Best served in champagne flutes.