Episode 61: Demystifying the Link Between CLAMP and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

An illustration by CLAMP, which is fanart of their favorite Jojo's Bizarre Adventure characters (along with some others). The CLAMPcast logo is overlaid, with the text: "Episode 61: Demystifying the Link Between CLAMP and JoJo".

In today’s episode, Lucy and Robin are joined by guest Karleen to discuss the infamous (and often misunderstood) link between CLAMP and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Spoiler warning for potentially anything CLAMP or JoJo!

Here are some useful links from the episode!

Our episode on CLAMP in Wonderland and the JoJo doujinshi by CLAMP:

The Araki and Nekoi interview:

An interesting academic article on women and Tarot in Japan: https://www.asianetworkexchange.org/article/id/7837/

Scans from CLAMP Laboratory 6:

A JoJo fanwiki article on CLAMP in Wonderland:

Karleen’s website:


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