Episode 54: Rayearth OVA

An image from the Rayearth OVA, featuring all three girls in their black school uniforms, with Alcyone, Clef, and Emeraude in the background. The CLAMPcast logo is overlayed, with the title of the episode: "Episode 54: Rayearth OVA".

In this episode, Lucy and Robin discuss the Rayearth OVA. It was definitely not what we were expecting!

Correction: Toshihiko Sahashi composed the music for the OVA; the composer for the tv anime was Hayato Matsuo. We got these two mixed up in their respective episodes!


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*Rough Script will take you to a pdf of the script we used to record the episode. This is not a permanent replacement for transcripts, but until Lucy finds a way to streamline that process, this is something for folks who want or need a text option.