Episode 5: Tokyo Babylon vol. 1 – Do You Hate Tokyo?

This week Lucy and Robin discuss the first volume of one of CLAMP’s most distinguished works, which sets the stage for a lot of their future projects: Tokyo Babylon!

CW: we will lightly discuss themes of suicide, violence, sexual violence, rape, death, and other unpleasantness.


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Man of Many Faces Raspberry Ginger Rendezvous

A photo of a yellow-ish drink in a champagne flute, with raspberries floating at the top. A backyard is visible out the window behind it, and overlay text lists the name of the drink, the series it's inspired by, and the main ingredients.

For Man of Many Faces, we wanted something light and fun. I took inspiration from the lavish lifestyles of the characters—I wanted something that looked like a fancy cocktail, or the finest champagne. But, since our characters are all in elementary school, I also wanted something nonalcoholic.

I went with a ginger ale base, since it has a similar color and texture to champagne, and combined it with limeade for a more complex flavor. I floated a few raspberries on top, for an elegant twist that definitely makes it worthy of a Friday night date.


  • 1 part Ginger ale
  • 1 part limeade
  • 2 raspberries


  1. Fill your glass half-full with ginger ale.
  2. Fill the rest of the way with the limeade.
  3. Add raspberries, and enjoy!

Best served in champagne flutes.

Transcript | Episode 0: An Introduction

Join Lucy and Robin as they embark on their epic reread/rewatch of all things CLAMP. In this inaugural episode, we talk about how our nerdy origin stories led to our nerdy careers, our favorite CLAMP titles, and most importantly, this crazy journey we’re undertaking.

We’ll be your guides through CLAMP’s Wonderland!

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An illustration depicting the two hosts of CLAMPcast in Wonderland, with a mic between them, and a Mokona on each side.

Robin: CLAMP, the four-woman mangaka supergroup, originated in 1987. Coincidentally, that was about the time both of us originated. It is less of a coincidence that the two of us have been friends as long as we’ve been CLAMP fans, since that had a little something to do with how we met. Is it destiny? Is it hitsuzen? Or is it just a sentimental origin story for a podcast?

Lucy: Hi, we’re Lucy Softich-

R: and Robin Kaplan—

L: —and we’re here to be your guides through CLAMP’s Wonderland.

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RG Veda Rose Milkshake

A small clear drinking glass filled with a pink milkshake. Behind it, many CLAMP comics are visible, just out of focus. Overlay text lists the drink's name and basic ingredients.

When we started this podcast, we realized pretty quickly that we weren’t content just recording our thoughts on each series⁠—we wanted to get in the mood by making ourselves themed drinks each time we recorded. And we figured, why not share them with all of you?

For RG Veda, Robin wanted to capture a bit of it’s Hindu inspirations with a flavor popular in India: rose water. It can be especially lovely in sweets, so we chose a milkshake, making this a great treat for a summer day, even if you’re not reading all of RG Veda in one sitting.


  • 1 part ice cream
  • 1 part milk
  • rose syrup to taste & pinkness


  1. Combine your milk and ice cream, and slowly blend.
  2. Add rose syrup to the milkshake and blend to incorporate. Taste, and add more as needed!
  3. Enjoy!