Episode 1: RG Veda – A Meandering Summary

RG Veda was CLAMP’s first official work, and boy, did they come out of the gates swinging. In their first official episode, Lucy and Robin go on a quest to summarize the twists and turns of this complicated (and slightly rough) epic fantasy.

CW: we will lightly discuss themes of suicide, violence, incest, sexual violence, rape, death, genocide, cannibalism, and a good bit of blood and gore. Not as much as the actual source material, though!


In our travels through the internet, we stumbled upon this excellent old website, the Rg Veda FAQ Online. It helped us track down some of the history behind this series, and is worth a read by any RG Veda fan!

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Episode 0: An Introduction

Join Lucy and Robin as they embark on their epic reread/rewatch of all things CLAMP. In this inaugural episode, we talk about how our nerdy origin stories led to our nerdy careers, our favorite CLAMP titles, and most importantly, this crazy journey we’re undertaking.

We’ll be your guides through CLAMP’s Wonderland!

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Transcript available here.